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How DJJ is Organized

The Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice is led by Commissioner Avery D. Niles, who provides organizational leadership and establishes the vision for the agency, which is headquartered in Decatur. DJJ also has 26 Secure Facilities and 97 Community Services Offices throughout the state.

The Executive Management Team is comprised of two Assistant Commissioners, five Special Staff individuals who report directly to the Commissioner and the 5 Deputy Commissioners who oversee the Division of Community Services, Division of Secure Campuses and Operations and Compliance, Division of Regional Youth Detention Centers, Division of Administrative Services, Division of Support Services. Detailed organizational charts for each division are hyperlinked in the highlighted text below.

Office of Commissioner - Avery D. Niles, Commissioner
While the Commissioner oversees all of DJJ, this particular organizational chart reflects the executive management team, as well as other direct reports including the Assistant Commissioner/Chief of Staff, Office of Legal Services, Office of Legislative Liaison, Division of Education and the Chief Financial Officer.

Assistant Commissioner / Chief of Staff - Joe Vignati
The Chief of Staff is responsible for implementing the Commissioner`s guidance, providing strategic leadership and for the day to day operational activities of the Department. The direct reports include 3 Deputy Commissioners; Regional Youth Detention Centers, Secure Campuses and Operations and Compliance, and Administrative Services, the Office of Investigations, the Office of Human Resources and the Office of the Ombudsman.

Assistant Commissioner - Keith Horton
The Assistant Commissioner is responsible for implementing the Commissioner`s guidance and providing strategic leadership for the operational activities of the 2 Divisions under his supervision. The direct reports include the Deputy Commissioner for Community Services and the Deputy Commissioner for Support Services, as well as the Director of Communications and the Chaplains Office.

Division of Community Services - Catina Martin-Fenner, Deputy Commissioner
The Division of Community Services has 4 Regions which is comprised of 11 Districts with 95 Community Services Offices. The division also has the Office of Federal Programs which manages DJJ Medicaid reimbursements. The Division also has the Office of Reentry Services.

Division of Secure Campuses and Operations and Compliance – John E. Pearson, Sr., Deputy

The Division is responsible for the daily management of all 7 Youth Development Centers (YDCs) and Special Operations.

Division of Secure Facilities – Sean Hamilton, Deputy Commissioner
The Division of Secure Facilities is responsible for the daily management of all 19 Regional Youth Detention Centers (RYDCs) in the DJJ system.

Division of Support Services – Margaret Cawood, Deputy Commissioner
The Division is responsible for the Office of Classification and Transportation Services, the Office of Behavioral Health Services, Medical Services, Dental Services and Food Services.

Division of Administrative Services - Shawanda Reynolds-Cobb, Deputy Commissioner
This division handles the Office of Contracts, Office of Grants and Building Services, Office of Technology and Information Services, Office of Engineering, Office of Assets and Property Management, Office of Continuous Improvement, and the Office of Strategic Planning.

Division of Planning & Preparedness – Scott Cagle, Director
The Division of Planning & Preparedness oversees Emergency Management, Office of Training, Office of Victim/Volunteer Services, and ACA Accreditation.


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