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Policy Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers

How can I find a certain policy?

Use the Search Engine.

Who do I contact to ask a question about policy?

You can submit a question through the “Questions” page. The Policy Coordinator will answer your question.
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Where can I send my comments regarding policy revisions?

You can submit a comment through the “Questions” page. The Policy Coordinator will file your comment until the policy is reviewed. At that time, your suggestion will be reviewed.
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How long after a policy's effective date do I have to get the policy fully implemented at my facility/program/office?

You have 30 days after a policy's effective date to have the policy fully implemented, which includes training staff and youth as needed. For example, you may receive email notification on June 6 that a policy is effective on June 15. By July 15, you should have written the local operating procedure (if required), trained staff, trained youth (if required), and started consistently following the new policy.
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How long after a directive's effective date do I have to get the directive fully implemented at my facility/program/office?

Directives are a supplement to existing policy. They usually arise out of an urgent need to ensure a specific process occurs. Directives must be immediately implemented. If there is staff or youth training that needs to be done, that should also be done immediately.
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When I write a local operating procedure, what date do I put as the effective date?

The local operating procedure effective date is the date you put the local operating procedure in place. It probably will not coincide with the policy's effective date.
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My policy manual is not current. How do I get it current?

Look at the Transmittals on the internet. From there, you can tell which policies have been released since you last updated your manual. Then, you can make your manual match what is on the internet. If you are making a new manual, or your manual is so out-dated that you cannot use the internet, you should make sure that your manual matches what is on the internet.
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Where do I put my local operating procedures?

The local operating procedure for each policy should be placed behind that policy. You should have one manual that includes all of the policies, directives, and local operating procedures together in the same manual.
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How often do I have to review my local operating procedures?

You must review/revise your local operating procedures at least annually, or whenever your processes change that require a revision of the local operating procedure.
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If a policy indicates that a local operating procedure is not required, can I write one anyway?

No. For certain policies, the Department does not give you flexibility in how it is implemented. You must implement it exactly as the policy indicates.
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