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Policy Number and SubjectTransmittal
8.10 Control Room18-0804/20/18
8.21 Counts and Control of Youth Movement18-0804/20/18
13.1 School District18-0804/20/18
13.2 School Board18-0804/20/18
13.3 School Calendar18-0804/20/18
13.7 School Safety Zone18-0804/20/18
13.10 Curriculum and Instruction18-0804/20/18
13.12 Student Grades, Transfers and Withdrawals18-0804/20/18
13.20 Student Attendance18-0804/20/18
13.21 Behavior Management and Discipline18-0804/20/18
13.32 Special Education Services18-0804/20/18
17.20 Facility Passes and Appointments18-0804/20/18
20.4 Interstate Compact and Out-of State Supervision18-0804/20/18
20.11 Detention Decision18-0804/20/18
20.16 Short Term Programs18-0804/20/18
20.35 Supervision of Designated Felons in the Community18-0804/20/18
20.39 Community Drug Screening18-0804/20/18
20.50 Restitution18-0804/20/18
3.30 Work Hours18-0703/28/18
3.31 Fair Labor Standards Act18-0703/28/18
3.33 State Compensatory Time18-0703/28/18
3.60 Annual, Sick and Personal Leave 18-0703/28/18
3.65 Family and Medical Leave18-0703/28/18
8.31 Restraint of Youth18-0703/28/18
2.2 Per Diem and Fee Paid Services18-0603/26/18
2.15 State Credit Card Programs18-0603/26/18
3.58 Employment of Family Members18-0603/26/18
3.59 Employment Eligibility Verification18-0603/26/18
3.90 Salary Payments18-0603/26/18
18.10 Program Activity Schedule18-0603/26/18
20.17 Incompetent Youth18-0603/26/18
20.20 Screening of Youth18-0603/26/18
20.24 Community Residential Programs18-0603/26/18
22.3 Internal Investigations18-0603/26/18
2.8 Collection of Funds18-0503/23/18
3.12 Dress Code for Uniformed Officers18-0503/23/18
3.32 Teleworking18-0503/23/18
8.8 Use Of Isolation18-0503/23/18
8.14 Radio Communications18-0503/23/18
8.15 Video Cameras18-0503/23/18
12.5 Behavioral Health Quality Assurance18-0503/23/18
12.6 Behavioral Health Placement Review Panel18-0503/23/18
12.11 Mental Health Assessment18-0503/23/18
12.14 Specialized Treatment Units18-0503/23/18
12.20 Treatment Planning18-0503/23/18
14.8 Rescue To Restore18-0503/23/18
18.1 Facility Programs Case Management Services18-0503/23/18
18.3 Programs Quality Assurance18-0503/23/18
18.23 Sexually Harmful Behaviors Treatment Program18-0503/23/18
20.37 High Intensity Team Supervision18-0503/23/18
20.43 School Resource Officer18-0503/23/18
20.52 Transfer of Certain Class A DFs to the Department of Community Supervision 18-0503/23/18
22.1 Sworn Law Enforcement Retired ID18-0503/23/18
24.2 Georgia Gateway Administration and Expedited Benefit Applications for Youth Serving YDC Time 18-0503/23/18
24.6 Expedited Benefit Application Processing for Pre-Adjudicated Youth in RYDC and Youth in the Community18-0503/23/18
2.13 Audits and Audit Standards18-0403/19/18
3.12 Dress Code for Uniformed Officers18-0403/19/18
3.62 State Holidays18-0403/19/18
3.66 Miscellaneous Paid Time Off18-0403/19/18
3.92 Garnishments18-0403/19/18
4.6 Leadership and Management Training18-0403/19/18
12.5 Behavioral Health Quality Assurance18-0403/19/18
12.9 Major Incident and Disaster Mental Health Response18-0403/19/18
12.20 Treatment Planning18-0403/19/18
14.2 Commercial Sexual Exploitation Referrals18-0403/19/18
18.8 Transition of Class B Designated Felons From Secure Placement18-0403/19/18
18.30 Treatment Planning18-0403/19/18
20.9 Use of Security Equipment by Community Services Staff 18-0403/19/18
24.3 Social Security Administration Pre-Release Program 18-0403/19/18
24.5 Social Security and Supplement Security Income Benefits for Committed Youth18-0403/19/18
2.6 Organizational Memberships and Accreditations18-0302/28/18
3.53 Appointments18-0302/28/18
4.3 Field Training Officer Program 18-0302/28/18
12.3 Behavioral Health Autonomy18-0302/28/18
18.5 Program Provision in Secure Facilities 18-0302/28/18
20.31 Needs Assessment and Service Planning18-0302/28/18
20.36 Supervision of Sexually Abusive Youth in the Community18-0302/28/18
20.40 Supervision of Probated Youth18-0302/28/18
2.1 Employee Travel Regulations18-0202/15/18
2.3 Grants Administration18-0202/15/18
2.7 Payment of Employee Relocation Expenses18-0202/15/18
3.68 Leave Donation18-0202/15/18
3.83 Separation from Employment18-0202/15/18
12.4 Staffing and On-Call Mental Health Services18-0202/15/18
12.12 Psychodiagnostic Evaluation18-0202/15/18
14.4 Advisory Council 18-0202/15/18
15.9 Ombudsman18-0202/15/18
16.5 Disciplinary Reports and Hearings18-0202/15/18
20.23 Trial Period18-0202/15/18
3.4 Customer Services 18-0101/25/18
3.52 Background Investigations18-0101/25/18
6.1 Functions of the Office of Technology and Information Services18-0101/25/18
11.17 Hunger Strikes18-0101/25/18
12.1 Behavioral Health Services Delivery System18-0101/25/18
12.8 Clinical Supervision18-0101/25/18
12.25 Behavioral Health Substance Abuse Services18-0101/25/18
17.10 Transfers Between Secure Facilities18-0101/25/18
20.27 Administrative Supervision18-0101/25/18
20.38 Electronic Monitoring Services18-0101/25/18
23.3 LGBTI18-0101/25/18

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