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Statistics Overview:

The following website displays statistics showing the number of youth that are served in the juvenile system for the past three fiscal years (July through June).

There are three ways to view DJJ statistics:

  • Snapshot data shows a one year view of DJJ statistics

  • Descriptive data shows DJJ statistics broken out by gender, ethnicity, age, and offense type.

  • Comparative data shows DJJ statistics for the last three fiscal years.

There are six different types of statistics that DJJ calculates to describe the juvenile system.

Type of Statistic Definition Example
Number Served The unique number of youth served by DJJ If there are no youth in DJJ yesterday and one youth enters today, then there is 1 youth that is served by DJJ regardless of any changes in legal status.
Admissions The number of youth admitted to DJJ If a youth enters into intake in the current fiscal year, then there is one admission to intake. If the youth’s legal status in the same fiscal year changes to probation, then there is one admission to probation. Overall, for the current fiscal year, there is one admission to intake and one admission to probation.
Releases The number of youth released by DJJ If a youth leaves intake to go to probation in the current fiscal year, then that is one release from intake. If the same youth in the same fiscal year is released from probation, then there is one release for probation. Overall, for the current fiscal year, there is one release from intake and one release from probation.
Average Length of Stay The average amount of time a youth spends in a DJJ placement. If youth A serves 10 days in a RYDC and youth B serves 20 days in a RYDC. The average length of stay for the RYDC will be 15 days.
Average Daily Population The average number of youth DJJ serves in one day. If there are 20 youth in an RYDC in from May 1 – 15 and 22 youth in the same RYDC from May 16 – 31, the average daily population for May is 21 youth.
Child Days The cumulative number of days youth serve at DJJ. If there are 20 youth in an RYDC in from May 1 – 15 and 22 youth in the same RYDC from May 16 – 31, the child days for the RYDC is 652.

Important Definitions

Legal Action is a change in a youth’s status in the eyes of the juvenile system. Types of legal actions include intake, informal adjustment, abeyance, dismissed and probation, commitment, short term program.

Adjudication is when a juvenile judge decides there is reason to assign a youth one or more of the following legal actions - probation, short term program (STP) and commitment.

RYDC (Regional Youth Development Campus) is a facility where youth are detained due to their intake status or, if a youth is adjudicated, placed their awaiting a hearing or to be transferred to another placement.

YDC (Youth Development Campus) is a facility where some committed youth are assigned to serve their sentence. Some YDCs also receive youth who have a legal status of short term program (STP).

DJJ Legal Actions and Placements

When a youth is admitted into he juvenile system, DJJ staff assign them to inake, a legal classification indicating adjudication is pending. A youth held in this status can be served in three different placements: home, a residential placement or a RYDC.

At adjudication, the juvenile judge can assign a youth to probation. An adjudicated youth on probation resides at home and is supervised by DJJ staff.

At adjudication, the juvenile judge can assign a youth to commitment where DJJ becomes responsible for the youth. A committed youth can reside at home under supervision, enter a non-secure residential placement or be placed in a YDC.

Short Term Program
At adjudication, the juvenile judge can assign a youth to short term program (STP). In the past, the STP program could mean a placement of up to 90 days in a YDC. Law changes in the past several years have led to that period being shortened to 60 days, and then finally to 30 days with the passage of House Bill 245 in 2009. Most youth placed in STP now serve their sentences in the RYDC. Some youth may be placed in an alternative residential placement to serve their STP sentence.

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